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Supermarket Pest Control
Ensuring a pest free environment is an imperative task faced by all retailers. The detection of a pest infestation will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on a stores reputation, employee relations and ultimately financial performance. Retailers must protect brand equity while providing staff with a safe and healthy work environment and protecting stock. A comprehensive pest management program is the most effective way of delivering on these tasks.

Our comprehensive Pest Management Programme is the most effective way of keeping such infestations and the problems associated with pests at bay.

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Supermarket Pest Control

Pest Management Program

As part of our service to you we will initially audit your premises and create a strategic pest management program which involves a three pronged attack and defence against possible pest infestations designed specially with the unique requirement of retail premises in mind. This program comes in the form of Preventive Measures, Proactive Monitoring & Auditing and Reactive Treatments.


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Finding the Right Pest Management Company

There is no universal accreditation for IPM practitioners at this time but we ask that all retailers quiz potential pest control companies on how they implement IPM in practice, how the communication channels are used between both parties. We would advise that you request practical examples of IPM in practice within the retail sector to ensure you are making an informed decision when choosing the right contractor for your pest control management activities.

Supermarket Pest Control

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