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Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Survey

Drain Surveys

If your drains are blocking on a frequent basis there may be a more extensive problem which needs to be addressed.

A CCTV drain survey can easily and quickly assess the condition of your drains and identify any problems such as damaged joints, cracks, deformities, obstructions or issues with pipe gradient (sagging or backfalls).

Once the problem is established, we will advise of the best type of repair for your home which can be carried out by our specialist drain repair crews.

If you are considering purchasing a property, your technician will recommend a survey of the drainage system.

The majority of the drainage system is hidden from view under the ground and the only way to thoroughly check its condition is with a CCTV survey.

We strongly advise that a full house survey be carried out prior to purchasing any property so that there are no nasty and expensive surprises at a later point.

Drain Surveys
If you are purchasing a property, our drain testing service may also be of interest to you. It is important to make sure the drains are watertight as leaking drains can become a serious problem for your home.

Benefits of

CCTV Drain Survey

Drain Surveys
Drain Surveys

Piece of mind

If you’re concerned about a persistent fault with your drains a CCTV drain survey could be just what you need to see the problem in glorious technicolour. It may be something completely surprising – in the past our CCTV cameras have turned up tree roots, collapsed pipes or even the unlikeliest of blockages, such as lost mobile phones, children’s toys or other household objects.

Drain Surveys

Managing the problem

Dyno-Rod employs a team of skilled technicians nationwide. While they operate in your local area, they all receive quality training to internationally recognised standards and are fully equipped to deal with any eventuality, so if your problem does require a CCTV inspection, there’s no need for alarm

Drain Surveys

Looksee surveys

We now carry looksee CCTV drain cameras on all our emergency drain cleaning units we can check out the problem there and then. Alternatively, a dedicated CCTV drain surveying unit can be booked for a comprehensive drain survey including report, sketches and DVD with the survey footage. We provide CCTV drain survey report to WRc standards.


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There is no universal accreditation for IPM practitioners currently but hoteliers should quiz potential pest control companies on how they implement IPM in practice, how the communication channels are used between both parties and practical examples of IPM in practice in the hotel sector. This will allow them to make an informed decision on choosing the right contractor for their pest control management activities.

All PestGuard service contracts include emergency call outs and follow up site inspections carried out a priority. Reactive treatments are designed to eradicate any current pest problems in the quickest possible time.

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