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Flying Insect Control

Flying Insect Pest Control

We offer preventive and curative protection systems to combat infestations from flies, midges, wasps, and mosquitos and other flying insects. We implement solutions that aim to disrupt the reproductive cycle for longer-lasting results. Our certified technicians will initially carry out diagnostic testing at your premises to determine the most effective treatment and then develop a management program with you.

We also offer a wide range of EFKs including the stylish:

Flying Insect Control


Aura designed for front-of-house applications,

Flying Insect Control


Infiniti with its patented technology which provides exemplary efficacy while saving up to 67% on energy costs and the versatile

Flying Insect Control


Halo range suitable across a range of commercial applications. All units are provided on a rental service basis with no upfront investment required, ensuring that you can choose the equipment and service model best suited to your business’ needs without budgetary constraints. Our trend analysis offers your full information within your report.

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Wasp Nests

Although the presence of a wasp in your general vicinity may cause concern, we must remind ourselves that wasps are incredibly important for the health of the world around us. They are an important part of a garden ecosystem as pollinators and reduce pest populations by feeding their larvae insects and caterpillars. 

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies also known as grass flies or attic flies are of the genus Pollenia in the family Polleniidae. Unlike the more familiar blowflies such as the bluebottles they are completely harmless to human health as they do not lay eggs in human food.


Mothes are often found in dark places. They dislike sunlight and are not attracted to artificial light. They may be seen fluttering about in darkened corners or at the edge of a circle of light. When the items on which they are resting are moved, they either run quickly for cover or fly to a darker area to conceal themselves.

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