Crawling Insect Pest Control

Many insects such as Bed Bugs, Food Moths, Ants, Cockroaches and Ophonus Beetles can destroy your goods and are a threat to your establishment’s hygiene and image. Elis Pest Control offers several preventive or curative protection systems including pheromone traps, which cannot be seen by your customers and are an environmentally responsible method of prevention without insecticide. We are the best option for Crawling Insect Control.

Each year four out of five hotels deal with an incidence of bed bugs, requiring costly and disruptive treatment. Bed bugs have become more prevalent in recent years due to an increase in international travel, arriving on guests’ clothing and luggage. We offer early warning monitoring systems in addition to training for your house keeping staff so they can identify issues sooner.

Monitoring for bed bugs has traditionally been a labour-intensive task, relying on the vigilance of time strapped housekeeping staff who also need to be specially trained. The Elis CONNECT Bed Bug system offers a cost-effective solution that allows your staff to focus on your guests while your rooms are protected 24/7 from uninvited guests.

Our early detection ensures that infestations can be dealt with efficiently and effectively, protecting your guests and staff from potential health hazards in addition to claims for compensation and reputational damage from poor reviews

Our expert technicians can also deal with infestations by taking curative action using insecticides in compliance with regulations or heat treatments. All our teams undergo regular training to ensure that we are up to date with all legal requirements.