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Black ants (Lasius niger) are the ant species that you are most likely to find in your gardens in Ireland and are the only ant regularly seen indoors.

With just a couple of rare exceptions Irish ants fall into two categories, the stinging
Myrmicine ants typified by the long bodied and sculptured red ants, and the non stinging Formicine ants smoother and shorter bodied, the best known examples being black ants, yellow meadow ants and wood ants.

Black ants are entirely harmless, like all other Formicine ants they do not have a sting and unlike the wood ants they don’t spray formic acid either.

Where can you find them?

Black ants nests can be found many different environments such as tree stubs, under rocks, in crevasses, in fields and in lawns. You will also sometimes find mounds they have created with the dirt they have excavated from their nest.

Black ants may infest your property in search of water or food. They feed off insects and sugary substances such as nectar and rotting fruits. They also may be in search of warmth or shelter if there is a change in the weather. They are particularly attracted to decaying or rotten wood near or within your property’s structure. Indoors their nests can be found, in small holes or hollow spaces, attic vents, behind skirting boards, under sinks or behind wooden frames and counters. A nest can consist of of anywhere between a couple hundred to tens of thousands of ants.

How do you treat the problem?

If you think you may have an ant infestation in your property, its important to ensure all counters are clean and free of food residue. Look out for small mounds at the base of exterior walls and try to seal up any entry points.

While ants aren’t seen as immediate danger to your property, if left untreated they can cause damage to business’s image and interfere with food hygiene standards.

Depending on the level and location of the infestation we have several treatment options we can apply to help your business control the issue.


Crack & crevice treatment – This an application of liquid insecticide applied to surface targeted areas.

Installation of ant bait points – Typically a food-based product that contains a toxic active ingredient.

Nest identification & destruction – When necessary we can identify the nest location below the ground surface and inject a chemical directly into the nest.

As with every treatment we apply, each job is risked assessed prior to treatment and the most effective solution is applied.

Additional Information

Black ants can range from 2 – 10 mm in size depending on the the type. A queen ant is the largest and can be anywhere between 7-10 mm with a dark brown/black appearance. A male black ant is smaller measuring between 3.5 – 5 mm and would be a similar colour to the queen. A worker ant is the smallest in size ranging from 2-5 mm, with a dark brown/ black coat with greyish tones.


Worker ants tend to live for 1-2 years while queen ants can live up to theirs 30’s! (although this is rare) Male ants die shortly after mating.

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