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Elis Connect - A Smart Pest Control Solution

Live sensor monitoring providing 24/7 protection

Elis Pest Control
Innovation in Operations-

SMART Pest Control by Elis Pest Control – Operational Excellence Award Winner 2023

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So to understand what makes SMART Pest Control clever – lets look below at what we are doing traditionally to control our ongoing pest problems.


Pest Control Involves

Elis Pest Control
  • 8 - 12 routine visits by technician. Meaning that for approx. 720 mins out of 525,600 mins each year you have an up to date review of your site.
  • However as soon as your technician leaves your site – you are ‘blind’ for another 27-45 days, A LOT can happen in that time frame.
  • Only once activity has been noted can your technician take curative action, however a rodent may not consume the non-toxic bait or trigger a trap, there may be no visible signs of an infestation for many weeks and without such evidence rodenticide cannot be used.
  • During that time a rodent infestation is still growing, potentially damaging cables and wiring, infecting surfaces, destroying stock putting your staff and customers at risk.
  • Once an infestation has taken hold the process of eradicating that threat becomes more costly and can ultimately lead to loss of productivity and earnings and potentially damages your company’s reputation and image.


Elis Connect

SMART Pest Control Monitoring

Elis Pest Control

What does it look like?

Elis Pest Control
Protect your business 365/24/7.

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Elis Connect is your SMART

Pest Control Solution

Elis Pest Control
Elis Pest Control

What makes this a SMART solution? Our sensor technology monitors your premises 365 / 24 / 7 providing live alerts.

Elis Pest Control

Elis CONNECT is monitoring movement, not just triggered traps, it also has the capability to identify species.

Elis Pest Control

Elis Connect uses sensor-based technology, that in real time can alert us to activity with valuable insight into: Where, When and What.

Elis Pest Control

Once alerted our team can make informed decisions – effective pest control impacts positively on your CSR goals and Scope 3 Emissions

Elis Pest Control

Traditionally pest control visits are 8–12 times per year, limiting pest control options, leaving you vulnerable to infestation.

Elis Pest Control

Your monthly reports are available via your designated portal, ensuring full compliancy with the full support of our expert team.

Elis Pest COntrol

A Complete Service

Full audit of your premises by
the Elis Pest Control team.

We will asses any instances of infestation, identify the pest and analyse the root cause.

Once the analysis is complete, we will make a determination of effective preventitive measures.

Once agreed, all interventions will be implemented. All stations are barcoded and uploaded onto your site map, which can then be viewed via the Elis portal.

All visits and interventions are automatically uploaded onto your Elis portal so you can track all activity on the site at any time.

Regular inspections will be completed as per the agreed schedule. All activity and requirements will be communicated by your technician once the service is complete, and uploaded on the portal.

In the event of an infestation, you can trust your
Elis Pest Control team to respond withing the
agreed time frame.

Timely intervention increases the effectiveness 
of treatments.

Your Elis Pest Control customer service
team are available at our HQ for
any queries or additional assistance.

We protect your business

Elis Pest COntrol

Our Service Package Includes

Elis Pest Control
Elis Pest COntrol

4x Elis CONNECT sensors. Monitoring your business 24/7 365 Days a year.

The basic package includes four sensors, our experts will work with you to determine the requirements of your site and hybrid options are also available.

Elis Pest COntrol

A dedicated technician assigned to your site and 4x scheduled visits per year.

Elis Pest COntrol
Elis Pest COntrol

12x monthly reports with detailed alert and catch analysis providing full compliance.

Elis Pest COntrol

2x resolutions provided free of charge – early alerts ensure issues are addressed quickly and more cost effectively.

Elis Pest COntrol

Our basic service, as outlined above, €10 per week. There are no upfront investment required.

Protect your business 365/24/7.

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Elis is the leading multi-service provider on the island of Ireland.

Elis Pest Control services over 7,000 customers across the country and has 30 years’ experience in Ireland. This technology has been developed by our team of experts and is a powerful tool against pest infestation.

Elis Connect uses SMART technology to provide effective, efficient, and more sustainable pest control solutions to Irish businesses. By informing our technicians in real time of WHEN and WHERE activity is taking place, in real time, we can work out the WHY. Our system tracks movement, not just trap activity, informing us when we need to intervene for more effective results.

Our customers have seen infestations reduce by over 60% as Elis Connect can pinpoint the source of activity the moment it happens, reducing curative interventions by up to 6 weeks, guaranteeing substantial savings.

Elis Pest COntrol

SMART Pest Control Solutions delivered by Elis CONNECT means:

  • Your technician monitors activity on your site 24/7 – via sensor technology, it’s like they are always there!
  • Your dedicated Pest Control team is alerted to activity BEFORE there is evidence**
  • Your technician knows WHEN activity is occurring and WHERE
  • Issues are addressed NOW – not on the next visit
  • Earlier interventions allow for most cost-effective solutions
  • **The Elis CONNECT algorithm can identify species so even if the trap is not activated or the non-toxic bait is untouched (rodents are very cautious and may not touch bait for days), the sensor has detected and identified a mouse/ rat/ spider and has alerted the team.

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