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Decontamination Services

Decontamination Services

The most effective way of keeping Virus and Bacteria at bay
Sanitisation Services

Electrostatic Application

Electrostatic Application of Sanitised Chemical is an excellent delivery system. It specialises treatment for the likes of door handles, push points, keypads and in general all areas that staff or customers touch. This Form of application involves applying a small charge to our OneKlenz Pro Chemical which allows it to bound on a molecular level to surfaces. It offers nearly instant sanitisation and gives up to 28 days protection.

Sanitisation Services


Bio-Fogging is the “Catch all” application method that ensures all surfaces and airborne areas of a premises are treated. Our Chemical is broken down into small particals and dispersed via a fogging treatment. These particles are able to reach all areas that they are directed at and can sanitise surfaces that normal cleaning cannot. Every small crevice or unseen area can be treated with this method. Bio Fogging is the most effective method for broad spectrum treatments.

Sanitisation Services

OneKlenz Cleaning

At Elis Pest Control we offer “After treatment” options. We supply a one Product multiuse cleaning system that can be used in tandem with our Fogging treatments to ensure your premises stay clear of potential infections. Used in conjunction with each other our treatments work in tandem to be able to deliver a safe environment for both your staff and customers.

Sanitisation Services

Over the years Companies have trusted Elis Pest Control to keep their premises rodent free. In These unprecedented times, with Covid-19 Fears, we can offer you the same peace of mind in relation to the sanitisation of your premises.

We have added a Bio Fogging division that can sanitise your premises as a precaution or reaction to different outbreaks. Our chemical solution is FOOD SAFE and allows resumption of activities in 45 Mins.

It Also kills 99.999%( 5 log).
Conforms to HSE Biocidal products 1,2 & 3

Sanitisation Services

What is Sanitisation?

Sanitisation is applying systems in order for your premises to have its environment “Reset”. Once a sanitisation takes place all bacteria or germs that were present at the time of treatment will be killed and the surfaces and environment return to a neutral level.

What are the benefits of using Bio Fogging & Electrostatic?

There are several Benefits in applying these treatments;

Environmental Reset.

Risk Mitigation of potentially spreading a dangerous disease.

Giving Customers and Staff the Peace of mind your building has been Sanitised and that you have done everything to supply a safe environment for them to be in.

Doing a duty to help stop the spread of dangerous Germs & Pathogens that can cause severe illness.

Sanitisation Services

Sanitisation in Irish business & common areas

Sanitisation Services

Bio Fogging

Bio Fogging of Premises Only. this involves Fogging the premises with Our Special OneKelnz Pro. Premise is sanitise and Environment Reset.

Sanitisation Services

Bio Fogging & Electrostatic

This involves the treatment of all touch Points first. Door handles, Touch Points hand rails and key pads. This is done Electrostatically and concentrates on these areas specifically. A General Bio Fogging is then carried out to ensure all areas are treated and sanitised.

Sanitisation Services

Full Suite of Protection

At This stage all our One Klenz range are in place. Full Electrostatic Treatment of Touch Points, Followed by our specialist Bio Fogging. There are also Cleaning solutions supplied to allow you continue to top up your protection on a daily basis. These cleaners all work in conjunction with the treatments to create a safe and clean environment for you and your customers.

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