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Ensuring a pest-free environment is an imperative task faced by all in the hospitality industa

As a property management agent or business you goal is to provide and maintain a clean, healthy and efficiently operating environment for your tenants. Ensuring a pest-free environment is a central to achieving that objective. The recent growth in the residential rental market has seen a growth in pest infestations located in rental accommodation. The number of rodent, bedbug, cockroach, and other pest infestations within these complexes highlights the need for a preventive and actively monitored pest management programme to ensure the most efficient and successful treatment of possible infestations.

The existence of a pest infestation will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on an organisation’s reputation, employee relations and ultimately financial performance. Hotels can become susceptible to a number of pest problems. These include rodents, flies and cockroaches present in kitchen and dining areas as well as bedbug infestations which are becoming an all too common irritant within hotel accommodation.

PestGuard’s comprehensive Pest Management Programme is the most effective way of keeping such infestations and the problems associated with pests at bay.

PestGuard offers property management businesses a Remote Pest Management Programme which involves the provision of inspection, prevention and elimination of pests on site. This is supported by a centrally managed Electronic Reporting made available online and in real time. This effectively allows you to access to all information needed to monitor and address any pest management issues without the need for on site representation and delayed postal reporting.

Our integrated approach involves an initial comprehensive audit of your premise to report on the standard of pest management currently in place and identify potential pest infestations and. While any current infestation is treated and eradicated, a strategic pest management programme can be be discussed and plans made for implemention. All of which will be supported by an on-going programme of site inspections, recommendations and treatment of any future infestations.

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There is no universal accreditation for IPM practitioners currently but hoteliers should quiz potential pest control companies on how they implement IPM in practice, how the communication channels are used between both parties and practical examples of IPM in practice in the hotel sector. This will allow them to make an informed decision on choosing the right contractor for their pest control management activities.

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