Centralised Pest Management with Real Time Analytics

PestGuard Online is an innovative pest control reporting system built to provide our clients with the insights, recommendations and reporting standards they need, when they need it.

At PestGuard we have designed Pharma specific programs for global Pharmaceutical clients including AbbVie and Leo Pharma.

Our programs focus on :

  • 1. Monitoring of high risk pests & zones
  • 2. Digital rodent monitoring
  • 3. Online Reporting & Trend Analysis

Leveraging your pest control data to provide the most efficient, innovative and transparent pest control service in Ireland today

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Best in Class Reporting Suite


Online Site Report Folder PestGuard Online provides a single location for your pest control inspection reports. This ensures your pest control data is protected and available on demand anytime, anywhere.


Detailed Catch Tray Analysis Our detailed insect catch tray analysis provides the tools & insights necessary to analyse and understand flying & crawling insect activity and behaviour across your sites.


Centralised Pest Management PestGuard Online provides multi-site managers the ability to oversee the pest management standards across all sites instantly and remotely.

Pestguard Online increases the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest control protection